Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My virginity loss by my brother

Hi this is Kavitha and continuing my 3rd episode of my sex adventures.

As myself, Priya, and my brother Vijay decided, I thought after Vijay and Priya’s marriage, they had been going to Bangalore and I decided to join in St. John’s Medical college for my Nursing course and decided to stay at the New couples house at Bangalore, so that every day we will have awesome threesome. But to our bad luck Priya’s father wanted to marry Priya to his sister’s son Varun who was at Mumbai. But our Aunt Seetha (Priya’s mother) wants to marry her daughter with Vijay. But because of pressures from her relative side she had no other way to marry her daughter with Varun. So these lovers got disappointed but I feel soo happy because my inner heart says Vijay is only for ME. But sometimes I even appreciate with the threesome we had and without no doubt I really loved that feeling of laying on Priya’s nude hot body and herself squeezing and threading my boobs and nipples. But now I badly in need of Vijay’s dick. So I am in a very happy mood and waiting for the perfect time to have Vijay inside me.

In the mean time, everybody in our family is consoling Vijay and ask him to go abroad for higher studies. I was really shocked by hearing this. But Vijay said he doesn’t want to go to abroad and wanted to join in a job here itself, because I think he doesn’t want to loose his substitute cunt here, that’s mine. I was waiting for the perfect time to come for discussing with him about his love failure and also I want to show him that I was here forever for him. Since my +2 examinations are nearing I told my Mom and Aunt that diverting Vijay’s attention from the love failure is to teach myself vigorously till my examinations are over. They really felt happy that this is the right way to make himself busy without thinking anything. So my Aunt called Vijay and said, Vijay, Kavi’s examinations are nearing. She needs your help, so take care of her”, Vijay replied OK.
So they ask me to go to Vijay’s room, and with a heart full of happiness I was entering into Vijay’s room.

At once I entered the room, I closed the door and locked the room since I felt that nobody will disturb us and they may think that we were studying. To make ourslef free I heard a sound from my Aunt that they were going to the temple and it will take another 1-1/2 hours for them to get back. So I want to take this advantage. Vijay was just lay on his bed and seeing Priya’s photo and weeping. I sat beside to him and by seeing me he was trying to get up but I said ok you relax. I put my books on the table and sat near to vijay and started wiping his tears. He suddenly hugged me and placed his head on my boobs and started weeping. I said control vijay control and combed his hairs and slowly pressed and then hugged his head towards my boobs with my hands.

By doing this, I got horny, my nipples are getting harder, and even I experienced some drops of weeping get into my boobs through my nightgown. I held him tight for sometime and then I took his head and kissed strongly on his forehead and then kissed on his eyes gently and licked his tears and then sucked them slowly with my lips. By doing this, I slowly get down to his chin and kissed his cheek and then slowly kissed on his lower lip. That was dry because of his weeping. So I lubricate it with my saliva and slowly increased the intensity of sucking his lips. Now I bite little harder and he then immediately catch hold of my face and hold my upper lip and sucked it hardly. I appreciate myself for his reaction and also sucked strongly his lips and entered my tongue into his teeth to touch his tongue. He also opened his teeth and turned his tongue with mine and licked that. Then I slowly sucked his tongue with my lips and teeth. I knew he started to enjoy. Then his hands suddenly come down and hold my boobs and pressed it mildly. But before going on I want to console him. So I separate from him and said, Vijay don’t worry, I am here for you, of course I too feel bad but what shall we do, I said and added shall we try for register marriage. But he refused and said Priya loves his father very much and he told her that if she will not marry Varun, he will commit suicide. So only priya accepted for this marriage, he said. I said OK and wanted to change the topic. So I again hugged him and took his hands and placed on my boobs and murmuring in his ear, Darling Forget that, I am here, take my boobs, suck my nipples hard, tear my pussy bad, everything is ready for u” and also added what do u want me to do?

Immediately he smiled and unzipped my nightgown and I stood up and put my hands up so that he took off the gown and I removed my petticoat knot and released it. I was standing in white transparent bra and red panty, which are the favorites of Priya. He shocked and released his T-shirt and I removed his shorts. He was lying on his bed with underwear. A bulge was noted in the center is nothing else but his hard dick. Then I spread on him and slowly kissing his legs, knees, thighs, hip, naval, and his chest. While kissing on the thighs he expected me to kiss on his cock but I wantonly missed that because I wanted him to request me for that. Then I sucked his nipples and noticed that it is getting harder, slowly hold his right nipple with my lips, sucked slowly and pinched his left nipple with my hands. Now his hands came around me and rest on my ass and pressed it hardly towards his cock. I just moved my hip so that my pussy touches his cock. So we experienced both body heat and getting hornier. He then came up my hip and enters my back and released my bra hook. I slowly released my bra and now my boobs are just 5 inches away from his mouth. By seeing my shinny milky boobs his mouth became dried and he licked his mouth with his lips and catch hold of my both boobs with his hands and pressed them hardly.

I was totally out of control. Just bend my head backwards and placed my hands on his shoulders and enjoyed my boobs getting squeezed. But today I wanted to dominate and have a strong place in his mind so that he never think of Priya. So even I enjoyed much of my boobs pressed, I released his hands and take my left boob in my hand and go towards Vijay and put my boob through Vijay’s mouth. I think, he was really shocked by the action from me but he enjoyed more and sucked my left boob harder. Each and every nerves and my veins are about to burst. Every hair of my body got excited and I experienced some wetness in my pussy. Then I hold my right boob in my right hand and entered that in to his mouth. He then sucked my right boobs hardly for sometime. I was in heaven. He open wide his mouth and took almost all of my right boob into his mouth and sucked and bite and then released slowly from base of the boob to the nipple. While coming to the nipple he 4 or 5 times sucked and licked around the aureole as well as the nipple. I was literally out of my control. Then I get down and sucked his right nipple for some time. He then hold his chest and pressed his chest so that his nipples bulging out for me to suck easily. Then he voluntarily took his left nipple pressed his chest and made it easy for me to suck his left nipple for sometime. He was moaning hardly.

The I get down and placed my tongue into his naval. He was fully excited and felt little bit shy. I licked there for sometime and then get down and placed my lips on his cock over his underwear. He then move his hip upwards and pressed my head downwards towards his hard cock. I catch hold of his hard rod in my teeth over his underwear and started biting it mildly. I then removed his underwear and love to see his erected cock which was erected in a right angle. I then hold his cock with my right hand and pressed it and my left hand took his balls and twisted it and threading it. He likes it and asked me to do this somemore time. I massaged his balls and moved his hard cock up and down. Now I saw his sharp red edge with a hole lubricating some wetness around the hole. I then slowly go down and kissed his sharp edge and licked around the hole. Vijay spread his legs wide and put both his hands on either side of my chin and move my head up and down so that I understood HE NEEDS ME TO SUCK HIS COCK FASTER.

So I want to take whole of his cock into my mouth but only ¾ of his dick I can. Because that tip hit my glottis and at that time I was not having that much experience of sucking a cock. (Now I can get cock of any size fully into my mouth and can lick the gland penis with my inner tongue). So I feel some vomiting sensation from my throat but I controlled myself. But I think Vijay love this and need this again so he move his hip upwards and hold my head downwards and presses his cock inside my throat. Initially I flet little hard with this but by several movements I got used to it and moved my head faster and had his cock deeper into my throat. What in my mind was to have Vijay’s complete attention towards me and for that I can do anything. As I moved faster and deeper I experienced pain in my mouth as well as my throat. But with crazy I sucked his cock vigorously. I want to have a glance of his emotions from his face about this sucking, so I slowly see upwards and see Vijay was completely closing his eyes and moaning loudly ISSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. He then hold my head tightly and pressed his hip and I understood that he is going to CUM. He enjoys taking his cum inside my mouth so I moved my sucking faster and bite his red edge little bit harder. He then moved back his hip, hold his cock and hold my head little backward and ask me to open my mouth and put his redish edge in my lower teeth.

A quick CUM SHOT was getting into my mouth. I felt the warmness of his cum in my mouth. He has gone mad by seeing his cumming in my mouth and bend down and kissed in my lips and put his tongue into my mouth and sucked his cum and we exchanged and we both tasted this. He then relaxed and now my pussy badly in need of his tongue and cock inside it. So now I released my panty and put my leg on his hip so that my pussy touched his penis. He started massaging my boobs and turned around and lay me with my back on bed and spread on me. He kissed me for sometime and then get down to my boobs kissed and sucked hard. I held his head hardly towards my boobs. Oh! God! I’m in heaven!. I expect the same pleasure to be continued. He then down to my naval and then licked there. Because of horny I bend my body like a bow. He then kissed the pubic place. Issssaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa I just spread my legs for him to continue his kisses to my pussy. During this time my pussy get swelled because of horny and then started having some wetness. He then kissed on the pussy lips and mounted his lips tightly for sometime over there. I am really flying and just enjoying that. He then opened my pussy lips and inserted his two fingers and stroked in my pussy. I MOANED AND SHOUTED OHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. He increased his speed and then sucked the juice coming out of my pussy. He drank all the juice and immediately I hold his head up and kissed him in the lips and sucked some of my juice from his mouth. He transferred some of my juice to my mouth and I tasted mine. THAT IS REALLY GOOD!

Within this time his cock again get erected hard and he wanted to slide it down to my pussy. Since I wanted to dominate him, I ask him to lay down. With great excitement he laid on the bed and hold his cock straight. I neel down on his lap and spread my pussy lips and put thro’ his cock into my pussy. Since only 1 or 2 times it was hammered, my pussy was still tight and I felt pain while he insert his cock into my clit. But I bite my lips to control the pain and then his hard cock slowly slided into my pussy. Then the heavenly pleasure started. I felt his hard dick hit my abdomen and he stroked from the bottom. On him I coordinate with his each stroke and I was sooo horny and time after time I begin to hold his chest and started stroking hardly from the top. He then stopped his stroke and enjoyed every stroke of mine and pressed hardly the flesh of my buts. He enjoyed the stroke and also enjoyed the jiggling of my boobs for every stroke. He turned his head left and right to see my left and right boob jiggled. He then hold his hands on my boobs and experience the movements of the soft flesh. I made lot of horny moanings and sounds like oooooahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa huuuuuuuumaaaaa hhhhhhummmmmmmm huymmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. He encouraged me fuck hard! Fuck hard! Take deepppp ! Take deeeep and after some speedy and vigorous strokes he moved his hip extremely upwards stated that he was about to cum. He then immediately turn around and pull his cock out of my pussy and poured his cum on my boobs and massaged my breasts with his milk. Then we got a call from my Aunt have u finished? I told Yes, and we both laughed.

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