Tuesday, April 27, 2010



jon and myself dear frinds.i always go to his house.but i must tell you that jon's mother is a sex-bomb.during the meals she stands close to me with her hot kundi touching me.this has been goning on for some times and i wanna touch those asses frantically.
one day i went in search my chum.i didn't find him there except his mum.she ask'd me to have some tae.i said yes.when she returned from the kitchen i found her in a see-thru nighty.i could see her big boobs and the black panties.i was gettng hot and hard.while serving the tea her ass hot on my skins.i slowly graped them.she was waiting for this.''squees them hard'',aunty said.now i raised her nighty removed her panties i squeesed and kissed her ass.we could not cantain ourselves anymore.i pused he on the table and started eating her big and hot pussy.she yelled, mouned and took my face and rubbed at her pundai.i put my tonque into the hole keeping my busy hands at the huge,unconainable boobs.she called me sweet names.i called her 'pundachi' i shoted at her that i gonna insert my sunny into her pussy hole.i bit and kissed her hot body.iwetted her body ith my hot tonque.then i changed my position.my throbing rod was at her watering mouth.,while i worked at her dripping pundai.immeateatly she took my long rod into her mouth,sucking it.biting it,kissing it.she slowly licked my balls.my tonque almost at the end of her pussy hole.
'fuck me,fuck,me now'she cried.give me your sunny into my pussy hole dear' she cried.i did not obey her.instead i raised her asses and
inserted my tonque into her asshole.we were getting on our climax.
she rolled me down sat on me , put my rod into her pussyhole.her pundai swallowed my penis compleately.and raising her ass she started riding on my thick rod.it went up and doen very easyly.then it was my turn.putting my sunny into her wet pussy , i gave her a hard fuck.we kissed locking our lips.she was getting fainted out of pleasure.
i gave her a long fuck.i gave her a hard fuck.'my hubby didnot fuck me like you'aunty said.'will you come everyday and fuck me?'she asked me.'sure' i said.this is my pundai and i'm the owner of it,i'll come daily and fuck you.dont show your pussy to your hubby,anymore.
it's mine,ok? i said.yes,she answered


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